Six Weeks to Giving Success Overview

Six Weeks to Giving Success Overview

January is the second worst giving month of the year! I put together a playbook, entitled Six Weeks to Giving Success, which provides a detailed plan of action to help get you off to a great start to the New Year. You can find a copy at Here is an overview of the weeks we focus on.

I Love My Church is a special offering push culminating on February 12th to move people up the generosity ladder and help solidify your first quarter giving.

January 1st – The Focus this weekend is Being Faithful. How do we accomplish this? By putting God first in everything, including our finances. We introduce a practical and easy way to be faithful in giving, recurring giving.

January 8th – The Focus of this weekend is Being Focused. Staying focused on a vision is the key to being faithful through any difficult time. We share the 2023 vision of where we are going and how each person can help us make a difference. We announce the special I Love My Church Offering for February 12th.

January 15th – The Focus of this weekend is Being on Target. How can you best make a difference? The local church! We show how your church is making a difference. This week is a broad overview of your church and how it helps members and those needing Jesus.

January 22nd – The Focus of this weekend is Being on Mission. Jesus has called us to reach everyone everywhere! We show how your church’s impact extends beyond the walls, both physical and cyber. This broad overview introduces your church family to the possibilities of impacting their world and invites them to participate with you.

January 29th – The Focus of this weekend is Being a Testimony. We want to showcase faith in action locally and worldwide in missions and ministry. Share three things accomplished this year and link how they contributed to that through generosity.

February 5th – The Focus of this weekend is Being Hopeful. Our world needs hope. When used as a noun, the word hope in the New Testament means “favorable and confident expectation, a forward look with assurance.” By focusing forward on the future, we bring hope. We want to share at least three things their generosity can help support moving forward.

February 12th – The Focus of this weekend is Being Generous. Followers of Jesus live generously. We want to focus on the joy of generosity, challenging members to move up the generosity ladder with a generous gift to the I Love My Church offering.

February 19th – The Focus of this weekend is Being Grateful! We want to give praise and say thank you. Announce the I Love My Church offering results, share what that will mean for mission and ministry, and thank everyone who gave.

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