The Stewardship Journal

The MBC Stewardship Journal is a weekly e-newsletter designed to equip church leaders with tools for discipling their members in biblical stewardship. 

  • Mark Brooks, the nationally renowned Stewardship Coach, provides insights, tips, and trends that impact generosity in Missouri Baptist churches.
  • Dr. John Yeats, the MBC’s executive director, offers words of encouragement for pastors coping with generational changes, post-pandemic challenges, and emerging trends in evangelical life.

Nearly every week, Missouri Baptist pastors share their experiences and offer practical advice for working more collaboratively with one another. The Journal is free and delivered right to your inbox.

Mark Brooks
The Stewardship Coach

About Mark Brooks

Few people in America know the current state of giving to the church like Mark Brooks.  There are certainly not many that have written as extensively as Mark, known as “The Stewardship Coach.”  From blog posts, a weekly newsletter called “The Stewardship Coach,” books, and articles, he is one of the premier experts on the state of giving to the church. 

Mark not only knows giving trends but how to build successful giving plans.  He has worked with many of the nation’s top pastors.  His out-of-the-box thinking and plans are revolutionizing the stewardship industry.  He has over twenty years of experience in the stewardship field after spending twenty years as a Senior Pastor.  You can follow him on Twitter at @StewardshipMan.

Mark has worked in a cross-section of churches across the nation.  He has experience in virtually every church setting, from small to large, from mainline denominations to seeker-sensitive settings. 

Currently, Mark writes for the online giving firm  His newsletter, “The Stewardship Coach,” is now distributed to over 3,000 individuals, including the Missouri Baptist State Convention.

Mark has been married forty-five years to his wife, Valerie.  They have two children.  His son Jon, a decorated Iraqi war veteran who spent two tours of duty in Baghdad, is now a consultant in Chantilly, VA.  Jon and his wife Lianna have one daughter, Zoe.  Mark and Valerie’s daughter Amy is married to Lt. Colonel Nick Cherry, currently stationed in the Baltimore, MD, area.  Amy and Nick have three children, Jackson, Paige, and Graham.

Mark and Valerie live in Broken Arrow, OK.