From the Stewardship Journal Team

From the Stewardship Journal Team

Last week we led with a Lifeway Research headline that read, Southern Baptists Lost More Than 1,200 Congregations in 2022. In this issue of the Stewardship Journal, we want to help you avoid being on any future church closure list. We want our churches to not simply survive but thrive in the future. This issue will start your thinking about your future. Here is a preview.

Planning for Ministry in the 2030’s is the title of Mark Brooks’, The Stewardship Coach, lead post. Here is a quote, “Will your church be financially stable by 2030, ready to not simply survive into the future but equip yourself to continue your mission of connecting people to Jesus? Your church’s financial stability is not just about its survival but about the continuation of its mission. It’s about ensuring that your church remains a beacon of hope and a place of worship for generations to come.” Mark will make you think about your future needs.

Mark’s Bonus Section is entitled The Future of Capital Funding. With most of our so-called “new” facilities now showing their age, churches across America are faced with deteriorating facilities. It will take capital dollars to bring our facilities to the point where we can continue forward in ministry. Mark again gives you great thoughts to help with your future plans.

Thom Rainer is one of the SBC’s premiere thought leaders. We subscribe to the theory that if Rainer writes it, we need to read it. We are excited to have permission to re-post an article entitled An Easy Formula to Evaluate Your Church’s Growth (or Decline). Dr. Rainer’s thoughts are a great addition to our discussion in this Journal about planning for the future.

Don’t forget, you have a treasure trove of valuable resources and insightful past posts waiting for you at Let us equip you to foster a culture of generosity within your church.

In Jesus’ name!

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