From the Desk of Our Executive Director

From the Desk of Our Executive Director

Why do so many pastors and church leaders struggle with stewardship? We deal with that subject in this edition of the Stewardship Coach. Our lead post, Why Do Pastors So Often Neglect Stewardship? helps set the stage. Are you guilty of any of these reasons? More importantly, will you do anything about it? We have designed this journal to help you avoid neglecting the important topic of stewardship.

Mark Brooks’ Stewardship Coach column, entitled Revisiting the Top Ten Stewardship Mistakes Churches Make, carries forward this theme of pastoral neglect. The first mistake he mentions is what he calls, The Disconnected Pastor. Mark states, “In nearly twenty-five years in the stewardship ministry, I have found that the lack of pastoral involvement in stewardship is the number one reason churches fail to realize their potential in giving.” Is that true of you? What other mistakes might your church be making?

In our Bonus Section, we like to post practical advice and help on various stewardship-related topics. The Bonus Section is basically a how-to site. This week’s Bonus Section is entitled How Pastors Can Become Stewardship Connected, which gives ideas and help in how you can become more connected in stewardship. The post shares practical and helpful tips on how you can give more time to stewardship planning.

Please keep the Journal in your prayers as we are in ongoing talks with other state conventions about joining our team. Our goal has been to launch the Journal nationally in January of 2024. We are also expanding the number of writers and contributors, enhancing the quality of what we offer in the Journal. You can help us by spreading the word to your pastor friends about the Journal. We exist to help churches build a culture of generosity built on the biblical principles of stewardship.

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