From the Desk of Our Executive Director

From the Desk of Our Executive Director

Welcome to another edition of the Stewardship Journal.

Have you prepared for the offering on Easter? For most churches, the offering is an afterthought, particularly on Easter. We believe that is a mistake. In our lead post, entitled 3 Easter Offering Mistakes, we share with you how to make your Easter offering one of your best. To do that, you must avoid these three mistakes.

How much cash does your church have on hand? That is a topic Mark Brooks, The Stewardship Coach, addresses in his column titled Why Cash Reserves Are Essential for a 21st Century Church. Mark reports on a recent Lifeway study that showed few churches have the reserve of cash needed for any crisis. Mark shares insightful reasons why you need to think through your church’s cash position.

This week’s Bonus Section, entitled 7 Reasons Why You Need a Summer Giving Plan, helps you think beyond Easter to the most challenging giving season in the church, summer. These seven reasons will help motivate you, your staff, the finance team, and others to plan out a strategy to avoid the summer slump in giving. Come July, you will be glad you took steps to offset the slump. As always, we show you how.

Gain access to hundreds of offering talks for free! Let me remind you that we have moved all Missions and Ministry talks from the weekly Stewardship Journal site to Mark’s Stewardship Coach platform. You will find a link to the site in Mark’s Stewardship Coach column.

Once again, thank you for your support of the Stewardship Journal. We exist to help you build a culture of generosity based on biblical principles!

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