From the Desk of Our Executive Director

From the Desk of Our Executive Director

Welcome to another Stewardship Journal!

From time to time we like to produce a Journal that challenges us and makes us think. This edition is one of those times. The entire issue deals with the subject of whether churches can return to the way things were before Covid. You might not agree with everything written but we promise it will make you think. Our lead post is from a frequent writer to the Journal, Pastor Brad Delaughter of 1st Desoto who writes a post entitled, A Return to Whole Worship. Brad shares how his church is approaching returning to pre-Covid practices.

Here is a preview of the rest of the Stewardship Journal.

Mark Brooks, The Stewardship Coach, continues the theme of going back to pre-Covid practices and his post entitled, The Road Back to Normalcy. I think you will find his “Secret Sauce” for Post Covid Success and the Road Back to Normalcy points encouraging and uplifting.

Mark continues his discussion of the church’s response to Covid with this week’s Bonus Section entitled One Evangelical’s Response to the COVID-19 Vaccine. This is his personal view, but it is one that many in your congregation have as well. It’s an interesting take on why some have refused the vaccine.

This week’s Mission and Ministry deals with the many changes churches have been forced to make as a result of the pandemic. The how of the offering and giving might have changed but not the why of giving. This week’s talk is entitled Why We Give Will Never Change.

Thanks again for following the Stewardship Journal! Our goal is to provide you with practical help so your church can be fully funded for the future.

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