End-of-Year Email Samples

End-of-Year Email Samples

Non-profits will collect as much as 25% of their annual budget in the last few days of the year. Use the following emails to reap a giving harvest for your church.

Pre-Christmas Email Blast to be sent out on December 19. Subject line:  $886 versus $200; which is it?

Dear Friend of Community Church,

How much do we spend on Christmas compared to how much we give to a church? Last year, on average, Americans spent $886 on Christmas and gave about $200 a year to their church! What does that say about what we truly value?

Let’s change that average this Christmas with a generous gift to Community Church! This Sunday, we will celebrate the Birth of Jesus. Wouldn’t it be great to give a gift in honor of what his life means to us?

Give now at www.CommunityChurch.org/give. Insert your giving link here!

What is so special about giving? Your gift will be used to fully fund all our missions and ministry initiatives for the rest of this year and get us off to a great start for 2023.

Give early at www.CommunityChurch.org/give.

Whether at church or online, let’s take up an offering worthy of our Lord to support His church!

Your pastor,

Dr. Pastor

P.S. If you are going out of town, you can still give by using our online giving platform at www.CommunityChurch.org/give. Give now!

Email blast to be sent out on December 24. Subject line:  Merry Christmas, OUR CHURCH Family!

Dear Church Family,

Valerie and I wanted to email you and wish you and your family a Christ-filled Merry Christmas! This email may find you on your way home from work, in line with that last-minute gift, or already comfortably at home and relaxing. Wherever you are, Merry Christmas!

As we gather with our family here in INSERT WHERE YOU WILL BE, we cannot help but think of you all and praise God for the honor of serving you. I pray this special time for us Christians will be a special time for you and your family. May God grant us all a very special time tomorrow as we pause to thank our Immanuel!

Your Pastor,

Bro. Mark

P.S. If you are going out of town this Sunday, you can still give by using our online giving platform at www.CommunityChurch.org/give. Thanks for your generosity!

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