Who Is Ready for Summer?

Who Is Ready for Summer?

Who is ready for summer? How many of you have a trip planned for this summer? OK, shout out to me where are you going? Give time for them to share. Can you fit me in your suitcase?

Summer is our typical time of vacation and many of you have been planning your vacation for months. It might amaze you, but Americans spend over $100 billion dollars a year on vacations. Here is some bad news. Due to the increase in gasoline prices, vacations this year are projected to increase over last year. So, on top of your planning, start saving!

Just as you plan in advance for a successful vacation and have to figure out how to pay for it, we here at YOUR CHURCH NAME do the same for the upcoming summer months. Summers are our busiest time of the year. Consider that this summer we will…

  • List any mission trips you have planned,
  • List any camps or retreats for youth or students,
  • List Vacation Bible School or children’s camps,
  • AND, we will still be open, doing all our regular ministry week by week!

To make sure these events go off smoothly we have been planning and working for months.

You can help us get ready for summer by assuring that these vital missions and ministry initiatives happen by faithfully giving to YOUR CHURCH NAME. Just like your vacation, our mission trips and other ministry initiatives cost money. At the same time that our ministries kick into high gear we typically experience lower offerings. We can do what we do as a result of your generosity. Every dollar given here helps us advance the Gospel.

So, thank you for your gifts today in this offering. Please consider setting up your giving to be automatic so that when you are gone your gift of love is still present in the plate.

Your giving makes possible the life change of many! Thanks for helping us get ready for a fabulous summer by giving generously today!

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