Vacation Planning

Vacation Planning

How many of you already have your vacation planned? How many of you wish you were on vacation right now? We all need a break from time to time. We are fast approaching summer which for many of you means your annual break from slaving away at the salt mine to laying on the beach or visiting your favorite theme park. Or you may be planning to avoid the high cost of fuel and have a staycation lying around the house. Now is the time to plan for your summer.

Listen, we WANT you to go on vacation. You deserve that break. A vacation is not an expense for families but an investment of memories that your kids will carry with them for the rest of their lives. So have fun!

Here at YOUR CHURCH NAME, we have plans this summer as well. Highlight some of your summer plans, emphasizing mission and ministry opportunities. We could never do what we do without your faithful giving.

As you plan for your summer vacation, let me encourage you to take one other step of planning by planning to give even though you are gone. If you set up your offering to be automatic, you can still give to help fund all our missions and ministry initiatives this summer, EVEN though you are not here! It is simple to set up. Go to our website, look for the give button, click on it, and follow the easy steps.

So, with all your vacation planning, make sure that your gifts continue to help us fully fund our summer endeavors. Your faithful giving helps us change lives, which will last a lot longer than your vacation souvenirs.

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