The State of Giving

The State of Giving

“Giving Continues Its Decline, Down 2.1% in 2023. Can Fundraisers Turn the Tide in 2024? 1. That was the headline of a recent post I read by The Chronicle of Philanthropy on Giving USA’s annual survey on giving. When you delve deeper, you find that giving to Religion, when you factor in inflation, declined by 1%, which means that the actual purchasing power of these donations has decreased. That is not the mid-year news you would like to hear.

However, the most pressing concern is the decline in the number of Americans who give to non-profits, a trend that could have a significant and immediate impact on the operations of these organizations. This is a quote that underscores the urgency of the situation,

“For years now, nonprofits have been worried about the decline in the number of Americans who give. This year’s “Giving USA” report won’t allay their concerns: Giving by individuals in 2023 dropped 2.4 percent. The share of overall giving that came from individual donors continued to decline, albeit slightly, from 67.4 percent in 2022 to 67.2 percent in 2023. As recently as 2013, individual donors accounted for 73 percent of overall giving.”2.

These two numbers clearly show that the state of giving in America is in trouble. Yearly declines in giving fluctuate often, depending upon the state of the economy. For instance, while giving to Religion declined by 1% due to inflation, actual dollars given rose by 3%. If inflation eases, we might see a slight uptick in giving for 2024. The decline in the number of people giving is the most troubling. With fewer people giving and our key donor base aging, we can predict a troubled giving future ahead. The question is, what can be done to reverse this decline? Let me share some thoughts with you.

First, we must be aware of the decline in giving. Not enough church leaders are paying attention to the numbers. One reason is that the decline in giving has been so slow that a 1% decline doesn’t seem like much. Yet, year after year, we have seen a decline, and those slight yearly declines add up to significant losses in revenue. Those losses will continue to increase as time moves on. It’s time we face the facts and do something about it.

To do that, we must change the conversation about giving. Jesus talked more about money and finances than any other topic. If our Lord saw the importance of discussing this topic, why would we not follow Him and do the same? Let’s let the Bible establish the conversation. Jesus called us to make disciples, and being a good steward is part of discipleship. When we practice faithful biblical stewardship, God rewards us by opening the “floodgates of heaven and pouring out a blessing for you without measure.” When we teach biblical stewardship, we do our members and guests a service; we are not simply asking for money.

Then, we must change the messaging around giving. You must connect how a dollar given to your church impacts the world for good. I call that connecting the dots. Non-profits are masterful in telling their story and asking people to give to support them. People give to a compelling story! Make your story compelling, and people will give to it. At, our platform makes communicating your vision easy and effective. Does your digital giving provider do that for you?

Finally, we must provide the tools that make giving easy. Now more than ever, it is easy to make giving easy. Americans love options, and this includes how they do commerce. Fewer checks are written today, and most carry little to no cash on their person. We must give our members and attendees the means to give by the means they most enjoy. The easier you make it for people to give, the more apt they will be to give. This is why we offer ten-plus ways by which you can give through platforms.

At, we are passionate about helping you increase the number of givers at your church. We know that a full “offering plate” means missions and ministries can be fully funded. We come from a church background and actively attend local churches. We are in this with you! This is why we are more than a processing company but a true partner helping churches sustain their mission and ministry.

The recent Giving USA report shows that the future of giving is perilous. For you, the real question is, how is giving at your church? Do you have the funds to pursue the ministry you feel led to pursue? Do you have the number of donors needed to fund your future ministry? And finally, what, if anything, are you doing to ensure the financial security of your church? Let’s stop wringing our hands over bad reports and work to fix the problems those reports show. Halfway through the year, this report on giving is a wake-up call for church leaders to act now to reverse the decline in giving.

Let us show you how our platform and tools can help you increase the number of donors you have while increasing the number of dollars you receive for missions and ministry by contacting us at (615) 206-4000 or


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