Multi-Channel Giving is the New Normal

Multi-Channel Giving is the New Normal

When it comes to giving, my advice is don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Why? Blackbaud, a leader in the fund-raising industry, published a study a few years ago stating that successful charities relied on multiple channels to tell their story. Indeed, they stated that multi-channel is the new normal.

I’m continuing my series on end-of-year giving with this Coach entitled Multi-Channel Giving is the New Normal. I began last week talking about the importance of your message, your story, which motivates people to give. This week, I want to focus on the means of how they respond to that story. My focus is on the systems or channels you need in place to make this your best end-of-year giving campaign.

What systems or channels should you have in place?

  1. Dynamic website. Your website is the first place most people will visit before they ever attend.
  2. Robust online giving platform, including text and app giving. You should be working toward most of your giving coming in some type of digital means. Why? Multiple means by which people can give increases the likelihood that people WILL give!

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  3. Social Media platform and presence. Like it or not, social media is where many people spend the great bulk of their time. If you are not there, you miss an opportunity to connect with your people and those in your community. By telling your story and providing links to your giving page, you will see giving increase.
  4. Postage-prepaid envelopes. I know this sounds old school, but this can be a great tool if used properly.
  5. Extensive database of your donors. You must have each member’s email addresses and phone numbers.
  6. A mass email platform, such as Constant Contact or MailChimp. There are many platforms to help you send out emails in multiple batches. Find the tool that suits your church database best.
  7. Offering talks. On-campus or live streaming, it is essential that each offering time has a talk connecting your vision to your end-of-year appeal.

A while back, I wrote this about systems. “Systems are like the branches of a Christmas tree. Each is separate but, interacting together, they form a unified tree. Each of your systems needs to interact together to meet the demand people have for options. Make sure your systems that support giving are all up to date and working. Then we can hang stories on those branches. Stories of life change illustrate your mission and vision in action, but you must have a place to display those stories.”

Now is the time to get your story and your systems in place so you can create and sustain your stewardship platform!

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach

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