How to Become a Saint!

How to Become a Saint!

Do we have any Irish here? How about online? This week is St. Patrick’s Day. Have you ever wondered who was Patrick and what did he do to become a saint?

According to The History Channel, Patrick came from wealth. Early in his life, he was kidnapped by Irish Raiders and held for years against his will. After he escaped and made his way back home, how did this rich kid respond? He trained in theology, went back to Ireland, and helped convert it into a Christian nation. The History Channel site summed his life up well with this phrase:

After becoming a priest and helping to spread Christianity throughout Ireland, Patrick was likely proclaimed a saint by popular acclaim.”1

Patrick gave his life to a people that were once his captors. The Irish people recognized his sacrifices by giving him the greatest honor they knew, sainthood. His actions made him a saint.

Would you like to be a saint? Proverbs 18:16 is an interesting verse that says,

“A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great.”

We are doing life-changing work here. We believe it is a great work. I want to tell you that every time you give to support our work here, you help that great work. To us, you are a saint!


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