End-of-Year Overview

End-of-Year Overview

The following is my end-of-year overview. Not all of what I list might work for you. This basic plan of action, if followed, WILL greatly increase your end-of-year giving. I advise…

Social Media Push – Starting in early November, across all platforms of communication, you want to focus on your message, heightening awareness. A picture is worth a thousand words. Let’s show the need before we make the “ask!”

Thank you email in early November – We always ask, we seldom thank. So, send out an email or letter thanking donors for your giving success thus far. This is not an appeal but a cultivation and also serves for what we call warming your list.

First Direct Appeal Letter, Week of November 14th – I recommend no later than this date that your direct appeal end-of-year letter be sent out. This letter should have a postage-paid, self-addressed envelope in it for ease of use.

December Plan of action – I recommend that, across all communications platforms, you ramp up information about the “ask.” Now, we are specifically asking people to give. Before, we were priming the pump with awareness of need. Now, work to bring home donations to meet that need. Here are my ideas.

Utilize “Giving Tuesday.” The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is being established across the country as a time when charities are asking people to give. You should piggyback on top of this with an email strategy asking for a gift that day.

Special Landing Page on your website – Consider purchasing a special page with a dedicated address. Titles such as Wells4Africa.com can be bought cheaply and forwarded to your giving pages.

Social Media – You want to put a face on the “ask” AND provide direct links to the giving page. I recommend starting with one a day early in the month and increasing the rate as we move closer to the end of the year.

Offering talks – Plan out sixty-second offering talks for each Sunday in December. Don’t worry; I will send you weekly talks with every Coach!

Bulletin reminder – At least twice during the month, we will want to have a reminder that giving to the church is a tax benefit. Please note that this will only impact a few of your donors since the changes in the tax law.

Screen announcements – Have screen announcements about the end-of-year offering that can be utilized before and after services.

Email campaign – I recommend at least two emails. I would send out one on Monday the 26th and another on New Year’s Eve, December 31st at 2 PM.

That is the bare-bones basics of my plans for end-of-year.

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