Do You Have Your Candy Ready?

Do You Have Your Candy Ready?

$3.1 billion. That is what Americans spent on Halloween candy last year. This year, despite inflation, Americans are projected to spend even more than that. That is a lot of candy and a lot of future cavities!

How many of you have already bought your Halloween candy? You still have time but don’t wait too late or the good stuff might be gone. Here is another question for you, and remember you are in church! How many of you have already eaten some of the candy you bought for the kids? You need to make sure it is acceptable, right?

Halloween is big business. Last year, Americans spent a total of over $8 billion dollars on Halloween! This year is supposed to be another record year for Halloween, and it is anticipated spending will grow to over $10 billion dollars. This shows we truly love Halloween.

If you want to see what we as Americans truly value, just look at our spending. Don’t get me wrong. I love a good candy bar. I also love to give candy out. In fact, I get more fun giving away candy than I do eating candy. Part of the fun of Halloween, at least for us adults, is the joy of giving away something that brings delight to the heart of a child.

Did you know that Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive?” Every time we give, we not only obey God’s command about giving, but we receive God’s blessing. On top of that, study after study shows that those who are most generous are happier and live better lives!

We encourage generosity here. I would encourage you to be generous in giving out candy this Halloween. Yet think about this. How long will the candy last you have purchased for Halloween? Some of you might have to go back and buy more as a result of your testing out what you originally bought. Candy just doesn’t last long one way or the other.

Do you know what lasts a long time? Eternity. Our focus here at YOUR CHURCH NAME is to point people to Jesus, assuring them that they will live forever with him. All we say and do is wrapped up in that.

So, as you are considering being generous with candy, consider being generous to our church. The money you give here will last far longer than the candy you give out this Halloween. Giving candy out on Halloween might make a kid smile for a moment. Giving generously to God’s work will help us reach kids for Christ, and that lasts an eternity!

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