Why We Give Will Never Change

Why We Give Will Never Change

Change is inevitable. That is one lesson we have all learned these last couple of years. We have been forced as a church to change how we do a lot of things. One thing that changed immediately with Covid was how we took up the offering. We went from primarily focusing upon passing the plate on weekends to thinking of the offering as a 24/7 experience online. We now give you multiple ways by which you can give. So, the how of our offering time has changed but the why of our offering time will never change.

We will continue to treat the offering as an integral part of worship. The Bible commands believers to give back a portion of what God has blessed them with and in each service, we stop to reflect upon giving as an act of worshipful obedience. That is our primary reason for the offering.

Secondarily, our offering time is how we fund all the missions and ministry we do here. Every time you give here you help us reach and impact more people for Christ. Without your generosity, we could not accomplish what we do. Your gifts make a difference, and we thank you! That is why we give and that will never change.

Find the way that works best for you to give and let’s worship the Lord with our faithful gift to Him.

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