VBS Trivia

VBS Trivia

For June 5th

Does anyone here like trivia? I have a church history question for you about Vacation Bible School. To help you, I’ll make it multiple choice. A woman named Mrs. Hawes, who lived in New York City, became concerned about the poor children running around in summer without anything to do. She started what was called Everyday Bible School. Most historians track this as the beginning of what became Vacation Bible School.

Here is the question, where was the first Everyday Bible School held?

  • In a school.
  • In a beer hall.
  • In a church basement.
  • Under a tree.

Mrs. Dawes started her Everyday Bible School in 1898, renting out a beer hall during the daytime. Vacation Bible School developed from a beer hall to sweep the nation.1 Millions of children have been impacted for eternity through Vacation Bible School.

Thankfully, due to your generosity, we have plenty of space and capacity for kids this summer for our Vacation Bible School. As we take time to focus on our offering today, I wanted to help you see that your gifts today help run programs like VBS, one of our key outreach events. This year, we believe God for XXX kids, and we need all the help we can get. In fact, if you would like to generously give your time see _____________.

So, today as we focus upon our time of giving, let’s give cheerfully, knowing our gifts will enable us to share the love of Jesus with the boys and girls of our community.

  1. https://vbs.lifeway.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/HistoryofVBS.pdf

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