The Why Vision Worksheet

The Why Vision Worksheet

The Why Vision Worksheet – We are weeks away from Easter and you need to have the “ask” of your offering nailed down ASAP!  Here is my vision worksheet to help you craft your vision.  After deciding what the focus of your Resurrection Offering will be, use the following points as a guide for developing the story of that mission or ministry.  The story illustrates the vision of our focus, showing the why or value of a gift.

Step One:  List 3 things accomplished through our focus mission/ministry.  You want to point to “wins” that show your church in action.  You want to show them that giving made a difference.  Think of ways to communicate this across all platforms.

  1. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Step Two:  List 3 things you want to accomplish from now to summer.  Focusing on any missions and ministry coming up allows donors to make a difference with their gifts.  You want to show them that their gift now can and will make a difference.  How best to tell this story?

  1. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

      Why is it important to give to this now?


      How can their gift now make a difference?


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