The Chicken Neck Sacrifice

The Chicken Neck Sacrifice

Have you ever heard that grandmothers and mothers would always eat the chicken neck when they served their families chicken? I remember hearing that, and I found these statements from writers…

“When I was little, my mom and her mom always said that a mom’s favorite parts of the chicken were the necks and backs.” Another writer said,

“My Mom recently passed at 92. She ALWAYS ate the chicken neck. She said she liked it. Imagine my surprise when I brought one to her bedside three days before she passed, and she turned her nose up at it. She confessed she never liked them and certainly didn’t have to eat them anymore!”

If they didn’t like them, why did they eat them? Because mothers always sacrifice for their children, saving the best for them. A mother’s love drives them to do amazing things, even eating a bony chicken neck and feigning enjoyment from it! That is love, and today we honor all mothers with this day of celebration. Let’s give all the moms a round of applause.

Love motivates us to do many things we might not normally do, like eat chicken necks. Every week we take up an offering, and it is love that drives us to give away what we hold precious, our money. We sacrifice for the good of others. Your gifts allow us to do all we do here to impact the lives of others.

So, this morning as we honor and celebrate mothers’ sacrificial love, let’s give in that same spirit of mothers!

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