The 2023 Fourth Quarter Giving Guide

The 2023 Fourth Quarter Giving Guide

It’s September, and I am starting to get emails about end-of-year planning. Those emails are coming from non-profits. Non-profit organizations (NPOs) understand that:

  • 30% of annual giving occurs in December.
  • 10% of annual giving occurs on the last 3 days of the year.

Churches can see similar results if they start planning now. Let’s get started with this Coach entitled The 2023 Fourth Quarter Giving Guide. In this Coach, I will outline a broad overview of the key elements you need to implement to ensure success.

Let me begin by saying the formula for any successful giving initiative is Information + Inspiration + Time = Success.

Let me start by first stressing the importance of time for your team. Last-minute planning is why most giving initiatives fail. I like to point out that you can’t get an idea at 10 PM on Saturday night and expect great results the next morning. End-of-year planning isn’t something you typically think of in September. However, my plan for end-of-year giving starts with planning in early October. That’s three weeks from the publish date of this Coach! The level of your success for 4th quarter giving will be directly proportional to the time you and your staff put into this initiative.

Information – “People are down on what they are not up on.” So, if you want to achieve maximum dollars, you must over-communicate. Whatever you are asking your donors to support must make sense to them. You need to show them how their dollar can impact the Kingdom. I call this connecting the dots.

Inspiration – Touch the heart to reach the pockets of your donors. Donors need to be inspired to give. Your vision must be clear, concise, and, most of all, compelling. The gift will be small or non-existent if the heart is not impacted. The more compelling the vision, the more significant the gift. To inspire your donors, the vision behind your “ask” must move the hearts of your donors to give. This is why you need to tell a compelling story of life change.

Finally, back to the time element. Be sure to give donors the time to take the journey. You cannot rush the process and still see success. One of the most frustrating things for pastors and staff is how long it sometimes takes our members to get on board with our proposal. Yet, if you hurry the process, you risk the results. The bigger the “ask,” the more time your donors need to get their arms around what you ask them to do.

Let’s get started thinking and planning for your best end-of-year giving ever! For more help, see my Bonus Section.

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach

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