The 15 Offerings of Summer: How to Reverse the Summer Slump in 60 Seconds

Summer offering strategy – Here is an overview of a plan of action for summer offerings taken from my new playbook, The 15 Offerings of Summer: How to Reverse the Summer Slump in 60 Seconds.

What is your plan? The best message and tools, while essential, are worthless without a plan of action. Let me lay out my overall strategy when it comes to plans for summer offerings.

  • At least one month out, craft the vision for summer giving.
  • Set your giving goal for the summer. Suppose your operating budget is $520K a year. That means you need $10K a week to fully fund your operations. Count how many weeks from Memorial Day to Labor Day; typically, there are 15, and then multiply your weekly need by that number. Using $10K a week makes your summer offering giving goal to be $150K.
  • Communicate beforehand with your leadership. Their gifts will drive the success of your offering!
  • Beginning in May, start showing the ministry’s impact on the area of need across all your communication platforms. Show your story!
  • Each weekend in May, encourage people to sign up for recurring giving.
  • Craft a specific plan for each of the three Holiday weekends, Memorial Day, The 4th of July, and Labor Day.
  • Send a mid-summer direct appeal email or letter encouraging continued financial support for your summer mission.
  • Take up the offering with boldness! In two minutes or less, craft an offering talk that gives a positive take on the need your offering will meet.
  • Thank those who gave to the offering and update the offering’s results and impact. Thanking your donors paves the way for the next “ask.”