Start the New Year Right

Start the New Year Right

Offering Talk for January 1

Can you believe that Christmas is over and that this is the last Sunday of the year?

As we approach the New Year, have you made any New Year’s resolutions? Studies show that most resolutions are broken or forgotten within weeks. Part of the problem is that we truly are not serious about what we resolve to do. For instance, you might have resolved to lose weight and work out more. Yet, Monday morning rolls around, and it is cold outside, so you skip the workout to sleep just a few more minutes. Then you grab a donut because you are in a hurry. Before we know it, our resolution is shot!

Along with resolutions like working out more and losing weight, we often resolve to live better or be better Christians. Resolutions like that are valuable and needed in our lives. It reminds us that God is always to be first in our lives. Jesus said, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” These words followed his advice about not worrying about the necessities of life. The advice is that when we put God first, all else will fall into place for us by our heavenly Father.

We take up an offering every week to allow us to show that God is first in our lives. Scripture commands us to give, and when we do, we trust God with our finances by putting him first. God has promised us that when we give faithfully, he will open up the windows of heaven and pour out blessings upon us. Those blessings come as we seek him first by putting him first. There is perhaps no better illustration of that than giving to His work.

So, we encourage you to resolve to put God first this year. A great way to do that is with today’s offering. Give to show that God is first in your finances. Give to start the year out right.

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