Previewing the 2024 Stewardship Journal

Previewing the 2024 Stewardship Journal

Why should you read the Stewardship Journal? Because, Southern Baptists, we have a problem. Our denomination is in decline. Consider this:

  • According to Thom Rainer, The Southern Baptist Convention lost 1.32 million members in just three years (2020 to 2022), more than any denomination for such a short period.1.
  • In 2022, it has been reported that the SBC lost 416 churches and another 165 “church-type” missions.2.

This decline will impact giving, which will mean more church closures. No church is immune. Sadly, until now, only four state conventions have given their churches any type of stewardship help. Our goal is to change that. We exist to help pastors and church leaders build a culture of generosity founded upon biblical stewardship.

Hasn’t giving recovered after COVID-19? To some extent, that is true. However, our research and data have shown that the reason giving recovered was existing donors dug deeper to help keep their churches afloat. Few churches have seen an increase in giving coming from new donors. We also have a problem with younger generations’ engagement with a local church, which impacts giving. With the majority of our members now aged over sixty, how long will giving stay strong? It won’t be long unless we take immediate action. If you don’t act, the above numbers will come to you soon! The Stewardship Journal is your source of information and practical tools to avoid the above.

In the fall of 2020, Dr. John Yeats, then the Executive Director of the Missouri Baptist State Convention, began thinking of how they could help their churches rebound from the impact of the lockdowns. The Stewardship Journal, launched in 2021, is the result. In the inaugural issue, Dr. Yeats said about the Stewardship Journal, “The mission of Missouri Baptists to transform lives and communities with the gospel is too important to risk losing any of our churches. As I read and reviewed the current stress on giving, I knew we had to take action and provide our churches with the tools and resources to help them stay financially secure. That’s the reason we’re launching the Stewardship Journal.”

Today, we are thrilled to announce we are taking the Journal national with several new state conventions joining the Stewardship Journal family. This has increased the potential reach of the newsletter from 2,000 to over 10,000. We aim to make the Journal free and available to as many SBC church leaders as possible. Your state Convention is paying for you to have this resource.

Each week, through the Stewardship Journal, we aim to help you think through each season in the life of your church. We encourage you to read and share the Journal with your staff and finance team. We promise to keep you focused and on track. If you lack a stewardship plan, then you can use ours!

What will the Journal contain? The Journal is comprised of a series of articles from key leaders in the stewardship arena around the SBC and the nation. It also contains the writing of long-time SBC stewardship leader Mark Brooks, known as The Stewardship Coach. The Journal helps leaders understand the basics of building a stewardship plan, giving them practical tips.

Church leaders in states in full partnership gain access to not only the Stewardship Journal but also receive for free a fully complete resource vault of materials. This includes:

Seasonal Giving Playbooks – Mark Brooks writes giving plans, called playbooks, around the key driving events and times of a church calendar. Our newsletter shares the stewardship basics. The seasonal playbooks tell you how to implement those basics.

Offering Talk Vault – We have found that the easiest way to increase giving and add new givers is by setting the stage for the offering. We have around 500 offering talks, which we now call Mission and Ministry Moments, in our vault. These talks are filed by topic and year and are accessible for free download.

The Stewardship Coach PlatformMembers receive a “seat” at group teaching times held via webinars throughout the year. This gives them the specifics of building a generosity plan of action and personal time with Mark Brooks, Stewardship Coach.

Will it work for you? The answer to that question depends upon you. But here is what a few pastors have said about the Journal.

“The stewardship articles provided each week through The Stewardship Journal are almost like having a professional stewardship coach working with me and my church. I have been blessed and benefited personally by the weekly Stewardship Articles.” Dr. Greg Fine, Sr. Pastor, FBC Higginsville MO.

The Stewardship Journal is the foremost effective stewardship tool I have encountered in my two decades of ministry. The Journal provides a regular and consistent biblical rationale for pastors to use in their ministries to train and equip their people in biblical discipleship. From building campaigns to weekly offering talk tips, The Journal is a comprehensive tool for pastors to use in their personal growth as well as strengthening the ministry God has entrusted to them.” Dr. Brad Delaughter, Lead Pastor, FBC Desoto MO.

As we start the fourth year of the Stewardship Journal, our commitment is to continue to be the SBC’s go-to guide for information, practical advice, and tips for building a culture of generosity based on biblical principles. We publish every Monday except for Holidays. We believe you will find this to be an invaluable resource to help you avoid the decline in giving. We look forward to the journey ahead.


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