Practical Ideas on Developing a Stewardship Series

Practical Ideas on Developing a Stewardship Series

Imagine you are fresh out of college and only a few years into your career and you are already staring at a massive amount of student loan debt. You just got married a couple of years ago and your firstborn is due any day now. You see this post come across your social media feed. Do you think the idea of breaking free might get the attention of a young person like that?

I have been blessed for years to work with Cross Church in Northwest Arkansas. A few years ago, they developed a sermon series on stewardship called, Chained: Breaking Free Financially. The series focused upon…

  1. Gaining Perspective
  2. Creating Financial Margin
  3. Investing in the Now
  4. Eliminating Debt
  5. Planning for the Future

Members were encouraged to participate in small group studies of Dave Ramsey’s material. People’s lives were changed as a result of decisions made through this series that continue to this day. Give you any ideas?

When I wrote my book on preaching on stewardship, The Forgotten Sermon, I developed the following series called, Finding Stability in an Unstable World. Believe it or not, back in 2017 when I wrote the book and this series, the world felt unstable. My goal was to show the biblical path to stability.

First Sermon:  Laying a Foundation That Assures Stability
Second Sermon:  Living a Lifestyle that Leads to Stability
Third Sermon:  Learning the Principle for Financial Stability
Fourth Sermon:  Leaving a Legacy for Future Stability

All four sermon manuscripts of the above, as well as the entirety of The Forgotten Sermon: How to Preach On Giving Effectively, can be found at

Back in the day, cutting-edge guys like me, subscribed to John Maxwell’s InJoy Life Club, a monthly cassette tape sent directly through the mail to your office! John sold a tape series on stewardship preaching around the topics of Time, Talent, Treasure. His advice was to preach it every January.

What topics would draw me to your series? To find out, stop thinking like a pastor and think like the average person you engage each week. What is on their minds in these inflationary times? How might a well-crafted series on stewardship help move your flock through the times?

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