Our Story is Eternal

Our Story is Eternal

The following “talk” will require some work on your part to make it compelling and effective. Find some story of life change that you can tell and then link that back to the generosity of your members. If you can’t find a story, give statistics showing the impact that can be tied back to generosity.

Everyone loves a good story. Perhaps that is one reason why we love Valentine’s Day. Hollywood capitalizes on our desire for a good love story, and every year they release blockbuster movies. Then, there is the Hallmark Channel with all their love movies. These movies are usually based upon some fictional story that has little to no meaningful message. I want to tell you a story that is real and eternal.

(Tell a story of life change through one of your church’s ministries. Here are two examples of how.)

As a result of your generosity, we are able to help many of the needy in our community. Last year, we helped over 250 families with help from food to rent assistance. That gave them immediate help and relief from their temporary problems. What makes this story even more exciting is that we saw 28 people come to accept Christ as a result of this ministry. Your generosity helped make that happen.

(Or try something like this) Consider just some of the things Community Church does – List your own bullet points here

  • In 2021 we saw XX number of children and students accept Christ.
  • Our mission teams went to Africa, Romania, and the inner city of Detroit.
  • We trained XX number of people.
  • We ministered to XX number of people.
  • We did all this as well as, weekly, providing worship and ministry for hundreds.

Without the loving support of our church family, none of the above would happen.

(End with something like this)

Unlike Hollywood, our stories are real and eternal. Your generosity allows this to happen. From here in our community to literally around the world, your gifts impact today and eternity. We provide multiple ways for you to worship through giving. Find the way that’s best for you and let’s continue to make eternal investments for the Kingdom of God.

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