On the Road To…

On the Road To…

We are going to hear a lot about basketball in the next few weeks. The NCAA basketball tournament will be starting soon. The Final Four will be played in New Orleans this year. CBS broadcasts many of the games that lead up to the finals. They often start the tournament by talking about on the road we are on to whatever city where the finals will be played. For this year, the players are on the road to New Orleans. They are on the road for an earthly trophy.

What are we on the road for? There is nothing wrong with trophies. Don’t touch my bowling trophy! But in all seriousness, sometimes it is good to ask those kinds of questions. Let me share with you what we here at CHURCH NAME are on the road for:


What we do here matters. For all eternity. That is what we are on the road to. We invite you to join us. This is one reason we never shy away from taking time during our worship to encourage you to join us in worship by giving generously as God leads you. We offer many ways for you to give here. Find the way that works best for you and join us in YOUR VISION STATEMENT.

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