News About the Stewardship Journal – We’re Expanding!

News About the Stewardship Journal – We’re Expanding!

Relax this expansion won’t cost you anything. In fact, our expansion will lead to increased resources, more state conventions, and SBC involvement, all for free! We are committed to being the best stewardship resource in the SBC, and other states are taking notice. Our ultimate goal is to help churches build cultures of generosity built upon biblical principles that will assure their financial stability into the future.

Here are a few of the expansions we have planned to help you.

Help for improving your offerings!

Early this year, we moved all our Mission and Ministry Moments, aka offering talks, to Mark Brooks, The Stewardship Coach’s website. There are around 500 offering talks at this site, all available for any MBC church to utilize. The talks are filed in various folders by year and by topic. These are designed to be either read as written or edited to suit your context best. To register for this site, go to Look for the Free Offering Talks link at the top and follow the directions. Each week, at the end of Mark’s Stewardship Coach column, you will find a link to the suggested talk of the week.

Coming soon! Help for creating seasonal strategies!

If you have followed the Stewardship Journal you know that our advice is centered around the various seasons of the year that impact giving. For instance, we recently ran a series of posts related to summer giving. As we clear the summer months we will start focusing on making up lost offering ground and then work toward helping build out an end-of-year strategy for you.

We are working to give you access to all of Mark Brooks’ seasonal playbooks. These typically sell for $9.95, but they will be free to MBC churches for their use. You will be required to register to gain access to be able to download for free these important playbooks.

We are in talks with other state conventions about joining the Stewardship Journal!

Last April, Mark Brooks spoke at the Cooperative Program retreat put on by the Executive Committee of the SBC. This meeting is a gathering of all CP/Stewardship Directors of the various state conventions. At that meeting, Mark revealed that only four state conventions, MBC as one of those four, gave their churches any type of stewardship help. He then showed them what we in Missouri have done with the Stewardship Journal. Now we are in conversation with multiple state conventions about joining forces with us to continue publishing the Journal and increase its value by broadening our writing and contribution base. The bottom line is that we believe this will enhance what we offer as well as broaden the number of churches we can help. Much of this is still in conversation, so keep this effort in your prayers. We will keep working to make the Stewardship Journal the premiere stewardship resource in the SBC!

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