Meet Our All-Stars

Meet Our All-Stars

I’m not sure anyone cares, but this week is the National Baseball League’s All-Star game. Will anyone watch? The All-Star game is always intriguing, seeing the best of the best.

Did you know we have All-Stars here at CHURCH NAME? Our volunteers are All-Stars. They come week after week, volunteering their time parking cars, working in the nursery, as host and hostess, and doing other tasks. Each one serving is an All-Star! Let me introduce you to a few of our All-Stars, (IF POSSIBLE, SHOW PICTURES OF EACH IN THEIR SETTING)

List several of your servant leaders:

  • We have Mary Smith, who heads up our Pre-School on first base.
  • We have Joe Jones, who heads up our parking lot team on second base.
  • We have Jill Tucker, who heads up our Greeters on third base.
  • Etc.

Let’s give each of them a huge round of applause. Thanks to all our volunteers!

Do you know who else we consider All-Stars here? You! Your generosity funds our All-Stars staff’s various ministries every time you give here. Without your support, they would not be able to do the amazing work. So, thank you for your generosity.

We have many ways to give here. Find the way that is most convenient for you. The MOST convenient way is by setting up recurring giving through our website. That way, you never have to worry about forgetting the offering again.

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