Let’s Make a Case for Your Vision!

Let’s Make a Case for Your Vision!

When I work with a client for a significant giving initiative, I start by asking the Pastor to write out the vision behind whatever we are raising money for. Technically, this is called a Vision Case Statement. I want a broad overview of what we are raising money for on one-page, front and back. I advise you to do the same thing.

What is vision? My friend, Herb Buwalda, came up with what I think is the best definition. He says, “Mission” answers the question, “Why are you here?” “Vision” answers the question, “Where are you going? What is God asking of you now to impact the mission?”

The 3 C’s of Vision Casting – Your vision must contain these three C’s to be heard. When it comes to your vision:

  1. Make it Clear – Above all else, do your members clearly understand what it is you are attempting to do? Is your vision clear? Can your members easily tell their work associates, neighbors, and friends what you are doing and why? When visions are not clear, people will not donate even in the best of economic times.
  2. Keep it Concise – Donors have basically two questions: does this make sense, and can you pull it off? Answer those questions, and you will get their dollars. Remember the old KISS acrostic? It stands for Keep It Simple Somehow. KISS is good advice for communicating your vision.
  3. Cast it Compellingly – The most important thing of all is to make your vision matter in the hearts of your members. A compelling vision that motivates the heart will, even in the worst of economic times, cause dollars to come to your ministry. Show your donors how their gift will make a difference and they will rise up to support it financially.

If you don’t hear anything else, hear this. Have you ever said that in a sermon? Well, here is my if you don’t hear anything else hear this statement. To raise the money, you need…

Here Are My Six Key Points on How to Craft the Message of Your Vision

1.    Don’t make it about you. Make it about your donors. Use lines like, “Because of your generosity…”

2.    Be positive, not negative. Appeals that sound desperate for survival never work.

3.    It’s not about making your budget; it is about changing lives! The number one reason most giving campaigns do not maximize their potential is because the emphasis is not about vision but about making budget.

4.    So, make the appeal about missions and ministry, not making budget!

5.    Focus on what you have done and what you have yet to do.

6.    Make the appeal appealing by personalizing the message.

To accomplish the above-mentioned points, you need to remember one of my Brooks’ mantras…

Get a story, work your story, tell people about your story and people will willingly give to support that story!

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