Let’s Finish Strong

Let’s Finish Strong

Are you ready for some football? Say goodbye to your husbands, wives; football season has arrived!

Have you ever watched a football game and seen players raise four fingers in the air at the start of the 4th quarter? The players are reminding themselves that they have one last quarter to bring home a victory. It is a reminder for the team to not let up but to give it their all until the final gun sounds. It’s a reminder to finish strong.

Many a game is won or lost in the fourth quarter. Sometimes games are won in the last two minutes or seconds. That is why college and professional teams practice over and over what is called their two-minute drill. It is designed to give them the winning score in the game’s last two minutes. Why? Because the difference between winning and losing is in how strong you finish.

We are nearly through our summer giving initiative. Our goal was ____________________. As a result of your generosity, we accomplished all we did this summer. We saw amazing life change, but there is still more to do!

Just as a football team raises four fingers in the air to denote the start of the fourth quarter, we need to stay faithful in our giving to finish our summer giving strong. We still must fund our ministries and work. We are not playing for some trophy that will ultimately tarnish or be trashed. We are about the Kingdom work of our heavenly Father. Our work has eternal consequences, and we cannot slack off or rest from our calling. Let’s finish strong by giving generously today.

Remember, we give you multiple ways to give here. Find the best way for you and thank you for your generosity!

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