Leadership Summit Outline

Leadership Summit Outline

“You do know you are making a statement?” I commented to Sr. Pastor Jeremy Freeman as we discussed raising money to fund a $10 million sanctuary. When I asked him that question, the U.S. was on Covid variant; I can’t remember which. Building sanctuaries is not what the “experts” would advise. The “experts” don’t pastor FBC Newcastle OK, a growing bedroom community outside Oklahoma City. The “experts” don’t have the vision Jeremy has. I was at the table to help Pastor Jeremy fund that visionary statement. One of the first things I did was counsel him to gather his leaders together for a meeting we called a Leadership Summit. Here is the outline of our meeting held Sunday evening, April 24th.


  1. Opening Song – Let’s begin with an upbeat song or chorus that sets the stage for what follows.
  1. Pastor Jeremey’s Introduction – Take 5 to 10 minutes to share the positive numerical and spiritual growth of FBCN. Thank those in the room who have helped make these life changes possible. Point out that with growth comes challenges. To meet the challenges and position FBCN to meet the present challenges and the future challenges, we need a new sanctuary. We are building not for our convenience but the next generation we believe God is sending our way. Talk briefly about the process leading up to this point, and then introduce Exec. Pastor Nathan Pressley to give an update on the project.
  1. Overview of the project – Take 5 to 10-minutes to update leaders on whatever you have that you can report on. This is a broad overview of the project, the hoped-for timeline, and the expense.
  1. Nathan introduces and transitions to Mark – You might say something like, “That’s a lot of money, and to raise that amount, we knew we needed someone to help us.” Introduce me.
  1. Mark’s Report – I will use a PowerPoint presentation.
    • Report on our findings of the positive financial health of FBCN,
    • Show realistically what is possible,
    • Show the gifting charts to challenge donors and begin their thinking,
    • This sets the stage for Pastor Jeremy’s future meetings with FBCN’s leaders.
  1. Pastor Jeremy – State, the vision driving the project – Pastor Jeremy, will, in 10 to 15 minutes, state why it is important to get the sanctuary built and how this campaign will position the church for the future, extending its life-changing mission for many years to come; transitioning to a new exciting chapter of ministry.
  1. JEREMY Prayer of dismissal – Jeremy will say something like, “Thank you so much for coming tonight to hear this important report and news about what is ahead. We have been here a long time already, and I know some of you need to go, so I will close in prayer. I realize some of you may have more questions, so the team and I will stay behind as long as needed to answer any questions. And, as you leave, please be in prayer in the weeks and months ahead that all our plans and individual commitments will honor God and assist us in reaching more people with God’s love. Let’s pray.”

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