Last Minute Easter Planning Guide

Last Minute Easter Planning Guide

Last Minute Easter Planning Guide – The following is taken from my Easter offering playbook called Say Yes to Easter Giving: Making Plans for Your Best Easter Offering. You can get a copy at:

Week of March 27th – The Focus of this week is on Being Generous. Followers of Jesus live generously. We want to focus on the joy of generosity, challenging members to move up the generosity ladder with a generous gift to the Resurrection offering. This week will also continue our focus on asking leaders to lead with an advanced gift on Palm Sunday.

We show how your church’s impact extends beyond the physical and cyber walls. This broad overview introduces your church family to the possibilities of impacting their world and invites them to participate with you.

  • Step up your social media campaign and highlight all you have accomplished this past year. At times say, “Thanks to the generosity of our members…”
  • Send out the church-wide letter/email announcing the Resurrection offering information on Monday, March 27th.
  • Plan out the offering talk for Palm Sunday.
  • PRAY!!

April 2nd – The Focus of this weekend is Being Hopeful. Our world needs hope. In the New Testament, the word hope, when used as a noun, means “favorable and confident expectation, a forward look with assurance.” By focusing forward on the future, we bring hope. We want to share at least three things their generosity can help support moving forward.

  • Mail the Resurrection offering email/letter on Monday, April 3rd.
  • Keep communicating your vision across all platforms.
  • Send the last email blast with an online appeal to give to the Resurrection offering.

April 9th – The Focus of this weekend is Being Grateful! We want to give praise and say thank you. Announce the Resurrection offering results, share what that will mean for mission and ministry, and thank everyone who gave.

  • Monday, April 10Send thank-you notes/letters to those that gave to the Resurrection offering. Don’t just thank them, tell them what their gift accomplished.
  • Monday, April 10 – Send one last email appeal.
  • Make the announcement next weekend a big deal. Plan out how to celebrate the results and pour gratitude into your church.
  • PRAISE!!

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