Is It Worth the Cost?

Is It Worth the Cost?

Have you ever heard someone say, “We are delaying having kids until we can afford it?” How much is that? According to a recent study, it costs between $12,800 to $14,790 every year.1 The same study showed that the more kids you have, the more the cost. Multiply that over 18 years, and what will the cost be? We are not even talking about college costs yet!

Here is the question. Is it worth the cost? Ask a new mother that question. Ask a dad after his first daughter/dad date or after the first soccer game. Ask a parent after their child graduates if all the costs of books, cleats, musical instruments, clothes, medicine, etc., were worth it. The answer is yes! You can’t put a price tag on raising kids. Our children are our future, and there is no cost too high.

We have pulled out all the stops this summer to create the best children’s and student programs possible. Here is what we have seen:

  • List Children’s ministry results from the summer.
  • List Student ministry results from the summer.

You can’t put a price tag on that! We could never accomplish this without your generosity. Every time you give here, you help us achieve results like this in the lives of children and students. As a result of your generosity, you are investing in the next generation of Christian leaders. Thanks for being so faithful!

We have many ways by which you can give. Find the way that is best for you. Thanks for showing that the next generation is worth the cost!


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