If We Are Not Asking Too Often, Why Are We Not Asking?

If We Are Not Asking Too Often, Why Are We Not Asking?

“All the church ever talks about is money.” We have all heard that, right? As a result, many pastors have feared asking people to give at all for fear of driving people away. But according to a new study, churches are not asking too often. In a new study of Evangelicals, 88 percent said they are happy with how often the church asks for tithes and donations.1.

If 88 percent of our people are happy with how often we ask for gifts, why then are so many pastors fearful of talking about giving? That is the question we wanted to probe. Could it be that the 12% who are unhappy are driving their strategy? It’s a trap that many preachers fall prey to, listening to the complaints of the crowd. As a result, many never, or seldom, preach about money or stewardship. Why is that? Here are some reasons…

  • It’s unpopular, and we like to be liked. No preacher wants to hear, “All you ever talk about at church is money.” So, we go out of our way, not to mention money. Could it be that people do not like us to talk about money because they have such a problem handling it correctly? Could it be that by not talking about money, we are giving them a pass on an area of disobedience in their lives?
  • Any talk about money makes many pastors uncomfortable. Closely akin to the above point is that many don’t like to talk about stewardship because it makes them feel uncomfortable. They struggle dealing with difficult topics, knowing it will rub some the wrong way. They find that they cannot, with boldness, take a stand, so they ignore the issue altogether. It is just easier to teach on the love of God rather than some subject that many find hard to listen to.
  • Some pastors are not convinced it is biblically their role. Some in the church feel that pastors are not supposed to be involved in the church’s finances. You can search the Scriptures, but you will not find a verse prohibiting the leaders from taking an active role in stewardship. Churches that have pastors that are active in stewardship raise more funds than those that have pastors who are disconnected from stewardship.
  • Most pastors do not feel adequately trained. Our Christian learning institutions have done a disservice to our leaders in not training them in this crucial field. Nearly everything a minister learns about stewardship, he learned outside of the classroom. If a pastor does not feel properly trained in an area, they will not operate in that area.
  • A lot of pastors don’t see the necessity. While there might have been a day when a church need not worry about giving, those days have passed. We are in the midst of the greatest shift in generational giving ever. While giving has stabilized for the present, our aging donor base assures the necessity of pastoral involvement.

Whatever reasons a pastor might have had about being involved in stewardship; it is time to get over them!

What are the results of Not asking for money? Here are a few observations about how ignoring any talk about money damages the church.

  • We are in danger of losing a generation of stewards. It has been said that Christianity is always one generation away from extinction. While Christ ultimately sustains His church, there is a kernel of truth to the above statement. Perhaps nowhere is this more clearly demonstrated than in the area of stewardship. Multiple studies have shown that giving as a percentage of one’s income has declined significantly since The Great Depression. Each succeeding generation of Christians appears to be less committed to giving than the last.
  • Our offering plates are emptier as a result. It is no revelation that giving as a percentage is declining in America. The lack of stewardship education is one leading reason.
  • We have robbed people of one of the great joys and rewards of the Christian life. Either we believe the Bible is true, or we don’t. We cannot pick and choose the passage we think our people might like. Avoiding preaching on stewardship ignores the truth that giving brings great joy and blessing to believers. We are made to give, and not teaching people how to be responsible in this area robs them of a crucial Christian discipline. Giving is not only about the church. It is also about the giver. People need to give for their well-being, not simply add to the church’s coffers.
  • We endanger our ability to do ministry. At the end of the day, if you do not effectively teach stewardship, you will find yourself limited in the amount of ministry you can do.

Whatever reasons pastors have had for not talking about money must change if we are to be financially secure into the future. If 88% of Evangelicals are happy, it is a sure sign that we can feel secure in having the support of your church the next time you preach on money.

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