How Your Gift Today Shapes Eternity

How Your Gift Today Shapes Eternity

This morning, each of us has an opportunity to shape eternity and the destiny of scores of children and students! Here at YOUR CHURCH NAME; we exist to STATE YOUR MISSION STATEMENT OR MATTHEW 28:18-20.

This summer, we will be active in multiple missions and ministry opportunities. Here are just a few examples of what we will be doing:

  • List any mission trips you have scheduled
  • List any other ministry initiative
  • Talk about what you will be doing for children
  • Talk about what you will be doing for students

Why is this important? Studies show that the Church has a narrow window of opportunity to reach children and teens. 83% of all Christians made their commitment to Christ between the ages of 4 and 14. Studies have found that from age 19 and over, a person has only a 6% chance of becoming a Christian.

So, what is our opportunity today? This summer, the offering we are about to take up fuels our mission and ministry initiatives. Without the faithful generosity of people like you, we could not do any of the things I mentioned this summer. You enable us to better reach the next generation for Christ through your generosity. So, please prayerfully consider a generous gift this morning to help us make an eternal impact on the lives of our children, teens, and others. Your gift today WILL shape eternity!

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