How To Use May for a Recurring Giving Drive

How To Use May for a Recurring Giving Drive

Since we know that giving will be a challenge during the summer, why not start a drive for recurring giving throughout the month of May? First, let’s break down the top mistakes most churches make with regard to online giving.

The number one mistake churches make with online giving is setting it up and then forgetting about it. You must continually keep this in the mind of your donors.

The number two top mistake is not making your giving portal easily accessible and clearly visible. It doesn’t have to be a flashing light, but people should not have to search for your giving portal. Studies show you have less than 10 seconds once a person has landed on your website before the bailout.

The number three top mistake is not utilizing clickable links to your giving site. Every print and digital communication should always contain a clickable link that sends people directly to the giving page for ease of use.

The number four top mistake is not giving multiple options by how people can give online. From text giving to setting up recurring giving, you want to provide multiple options, thus allowing people to use what they like best. We can help provide you with all the options at

The overall goal for online giving is to make it easy for people to give so that they WILL give! The best way is by encouraging them to set up their giving to be automatic through recurring giving.

My May Plan for Pushing Recurring Giving – Follow these crucial steps…

  • Encourage all staff and church leaders to set the example. You can’t lead someone to do what you have not done!
  • Utilize all print and media opportunities to focus on the value of setting up recurring giving.
  • A bulletin insert or a paragraph highlighting recurring giving in the bulletin. Here is an example: “Are you resolving to put God first this year in your finances? The best way to accomplish this is by setting up your giving to be automatic. We offer an easy, safe, and secure way to do this. Go to and follow the simple steps.”
  • Utilize your screenshots before and after your services to highlight automated giving.
  • Post encouragements about recurring giving across all your Social Media sites. See the picture below.
  • Use your offering time to highlight recurring giving.

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