How to Make Your Campus More Giving Friendly

How to Make Your Campus More Giving Friendly

How can you make your campus more giving-friendly? Let me share the following tips with you that I think can help you create an atmosphere on your campus that enhances giving.

Before I get started, let me ask you this simple question. When I come onto your campus, am I reminded of the importance of giving? That is what I want you to think about as you read this. Later, do a test for yourself. Walk around your campus and see for yourself how it might look to those who attend your campus.

We know how important appearances are. You ensure your campus is clutter-free and as clean and presentable as possible. Appearance matters. The same is true for building a culture of generosity. Generosity should APPEAR throughout your campus. Here are some practical on-campus things you can do…

Rack ’em up! You know, the thing you put envelopes in. This is one of your easiest tools to use to increase giving. In every rack, I would have…

Postage Paid Self-Addressed Envelopes – A powerful tool for collecting money. Providing these types of envelopes allows donors to take one and mail you back a financial gift. Envelopes like this also give you more options to collect gifts through direct appeals and other means.

Electronic Giving Information – Many churches utilize small cards like the one here. Those that gave online can put it in the offering plate. It also contains a QR code, how to give via text and the church’s giving link. The easier you make it for people to give, the more apt they are to give!

Use QR codes! Right before the pandemic, I read an article claiming that QR codes were obsolete. That was then. Now, many businesses and churches post QR codes to the back of chairs, pews, etc., allowing members to easily use their smart devices to give.

Here is another idea…

Raise it up! Use posters and banners to highlight giving. The picture at the left is of a capital campaign. Simply seeing that banner keeps members focused. The banners at the top simply encourage generosity. This is a great way to keep generosity in the minds of your members.

Think of positive ways you can make your campus more giving-friendly!

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