Give a Gift That Lasts

Give a Gift That Lasts

I saw a study that reported the following about our Christmas shopping habits:

  • 60% of US consumers start their Christmas shopping before December. How many of you are in that category?
  • 62% of US shoppers buy gifts in the week before Christmas. How many fit here?
  • 60% of shoppers in the US prefer to shop online. How many of you would agree?

How many of you are finished with your Christmas shopping? How many of you haven’t even started? This year, Americans will spend about $1,000 on Christmas. Here is my question. How many of those gifts will last? Few of the gifts we give last long, and none last forever.

But a gift here at YOUR CHURCH lasts forever! We exist (insert your vision statement or use the following) to proclaim the Good News of Jesus working to build up His Kingdom. Every time you give a gift here, you help support that mission. Consider that this year:

  • List events such as Our VBS reached over 100 kids, many of whom don’t have a church home.
  • We took 35 students to camp this summer, teaching them life-long principles and training them to be the next generation of leaders in the Church.

Those are just a few examples of what your generous giving helped us accomplish. Thank you!

We are not done yet! While we only have a few more days this year, we plan on an amazing New Year of missions and ministry. Every time you give in our offering, your gift helps us achieve all God has called us to do. We are building up the Kingdom of God, and your gift helps us do that. Giving here truly is a gift that lasts. So, thank you for your generosity that impacts eternity!

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