From the Stewardship Journal Team

From the Stewardship Journal Team

Is your vision unlocking generosity at your church? How can you motivate people to want to give? What trends in 2024 might make increasing generosity more of a challenge? We address those issues and questions in this edition of the Stewardship Journal. Here is a preview of this week’s Journal.

“The Trump card to unlocking generosity in your church depends upon the connecting power of your vision.” That is the opening sentence of Mark Brooks,’ The Stewardship Coach, column entitled Using the Trump Card of Vision to Unlock Generosity. Mark shares how your vision can lead to increased giving.

Mark’s Bonus Section continues the theme of the connecting power of vision with a post entitled Let’s Make a Case for Your Vision! It’s a quick, practical post that explains the basics of making a case for every appeal.

One of our goals with the Stewardship Journal is to provide our readers with a depth of material from outside sources. Our final post, by Aaron Earls, the senior writer at Lifeway Research, is a great example of what we desire to offer our readers. It’s entitled 10 Trends Impacting the Church in 2024.

Let us end by sharing that the Stewardship Journal offers you a full platform of help. Here is how to access this material:

  • First, go to the Stewardship Journal site at
  • Look in the upper right corner of the site for the link that says ‘Resources’ and click on it.
  • Fill out the ‘Create an Account’ information. Your Username can be your email or any other name you assign. Create your own password and be sure to write it down for the future.
  • Where it asks for an invite code, use this code: SBCSJ2024!
  • In the final box, select our state convention.

Are you enjoying the Stewardship Journal? We would love to hear your thoughts and any recommendations you have. Our goal is to help you create and maintain a culture of generosity fueling your vision for the Kingdom!

In Jesus’ name!

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