From The Stewardship Journal Team

From The Stewardship Journal Team

Could you run your own capital campaign? If you are staying current with the Stewardship Journal, the answer is yes! We are in the midst of a series called Giving Away the Farm, where we are giving you all the inside secrets used by stewardship consultants. Throughout the summer months the Journal will lay out how you can lead your church to raise the funds needed to be prepared for ministry in the 2030s. Reading the Journal will save you thousands of dollars in consultant fees while helping you raise multiple thousands of dollars for ministry. Here is a preview of this week’s Journal.

Mark Brooks, The Stewardship Coach, starts off this week’s Journal with this statement, “How old is your “new” fellowship hall or your “new” children’s wing? For the typical church, putting the tag “new” in front of any building simply means it was the last structure built or renovated. For many churches, their “new” whatever was built in the last century!” Can you identify with that? Most SBC churches can, and Mark shares with you why you need to consider a capital campaign to help update your facilities for the coming decade of ministry with his post entitled Putting the New Back in “New.”

Then, in Mark’s Bonus Section, his post entitled The Formula for a Successful Capital Campaign, gives you exactly that: a formula for how to set up and initiate a successful campaign. He sums up his intent with this opening quote, “In my over twenty-five years of helping churches hold capital campaigns, I have found that the majority of mistakes made happen BEFORE the campaign even starts. The goal of this paper is to help you avoid these mistakes by showing you what you need to know and do BEFORE your next campaign.” By reading and heeding this advice you will improve the chances for a successful campaign.

But first, you must get that idea or project out of committee! Our final post, entitled Before You Can Start, You Have to Get It Out of Committee!, gives practical advice on the steps needed to gain committee input and support. Reading this could save you a lot of time and heartache.

If you have missed any issues of the Stewardship Journal you can access all back issues at  Read the Journal, and you can do your own capital campaign.

In Jesus’ name!

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