From the Stewardship Journal Team

From the Stewardship Journal Team

A few weeks ago, Lifeway Research posted the following headline: Southern Baptists Lost More Than 1,200 Congregations in 2022. This is a stark reminder of the urgency we face. Unless we correct the current decline in giving, we will see the pace of closures picking up. It’s crucial that our churches be as financially sound as possible as we face an aging donor base. In this edition of the Stewardship Journal, we offer ideas on how you can lead your church to financial security. Here is a preview.

Mark Brooks, The Stewardship Coach, leads off the Journal by finishing his series on the key lanes of stewardship that church leaders need. His post is entitled Preparing for the Future With a Legacy Lane Strategy. Mark gives us great insight into the current and future state of giving and what church leaders must do to be prepared for that future.

Mark’s Bonus Section further lays out his Legacy Lane Strategy with a post entitled The Legacy Team. Mark gives an overview and answers basic questions about the legacy concept.

Dr. Chuck Lawless, in a recent post on BP Toolbox, discussed blaming others for ministry difficulties. Studies show that the Senior Pastor must be highly engaged in building a culture of generosity. Dr. Lawless brings up some sobering points in this repost entitled What Happens When We Blame Others for Ministry Difficulties.

Remember, you can access a wealth of valuable resources and past posts at Let us empower you to build a culture of generosity at your church.

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