From the Stewardship Journal Team

From the Stewardship Journal Team

We are excited to welcome you to another edition of the Stewardship Journal.

“Baptist Press reported last week that Cooperative Program giving for the first month of our fiscal year is 5% below target.” That is the opening sentence to our lead post, A Call to Southern Baptist Leaders. That is not the news we like to report. In this post, we give you what we see as the future if we don’t turn around this decline. The Stewardship Journal is one strategy to help reverse this decline.

Mark Brooks, The Stewardship Coach, writes on the importance of starting your giving year out right in his column entitled How to Be Leading at the End of the First Quarter. Did you know that 3/4 of NFL teams leading at the end of the first quarter go on to win? Mark shares advice on how your church can be ahead at the end of the first quarter. It is always easier to be ahead than trying to catch up. This post will help you develop your start-of-the-year strategy.

Our Bonus Section is called The Advantages of Making January Recurring Giving Month. You will find five reasons why you should hold a January push for recurring giving. This is a sure way to see an increase in giving that can help not only in January but also this coming July. Find out how recurring giving can benefit your church.

Thank you for your support of the Stewardship Journal. What subjects are you interested in? We would love to hear from you. Our passion is to provide the SBC with stewardship tools that will help reverse any declines in giving. Our mission is eternal and desires to be fully funded. Let’s start with your church!

In Jesus name!

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