From the Stewardship Journal Team

From the Stewardship Journal Team

Welcome to another edition of the Stewardship Journal! Our goal is to help our churches build a culture of generosity based on biblical principles. Every week, we give you informative and helpful posts about how you can achieve this goal. Here is a preview of this week’s edition.

Mark Brooks, The Stewardship Coach, continues his series on the various lanes of stewardship that we must focus on to build a culture of generosity. This week, he continues talking about the Digital Lane by sharing a post entitled How to Use Social Media to Advance Generosity. With over half the world using social media, it stands to reason that your church needs a social media presence. Mark gives you great insights into why you need to be on social media.

In our Bonus Section, Mark’s post, The Digital Lane Social Media Checklist and Suggested Action List, gives practical advice on what not to do and what you should do regarding your social media presence. This post can easily be distributed to your team to better help your social media presence.

Can You Predict the Future of Giving? That is the question probed in our last post, which originated from an email from Rick Blythe, Mississippi Baptist’s Director of Stewardship/Prayer Ministry, to Mark Brooks. Rick wrote Mark, “I have a consultation with a church next Monday, and they want me to address ways to estimate church giving for the next year.” Mark turned that question into an article that gives helpful suggestions about how to estimate your future giving.

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Let’s keep building out the generosity culture at your church. Let’s see every SBC church fully funded to do all God has put on our hearts!

In Jesus’ name!

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