From the Desk of Our Executive Director

From the Desk of Our Executive Director

Welcome to another edition of the Stewardship Journal. Did you know that 19% of evangelicals give zero to the church? You probably have heard that younger generations are not giving at the same rate as older generations. All these facts could produce despair. However, we see this as an opportunity rather than a problem. This edition of the Journal not only focuses on the problem of giving but offers practical solutions on how to address and correct the problem.

We begin with Mark Brooks’, The Stewardship Coach, column, entitled From Zero to Faithful Stewardship. Mark shares the findings of a new study called The Generosity Factor: Evangelicals and Giving. The report contains sobering news about the state of giving in America but also some positive hope. Mark shares how to correct the decline in giving in his post.

In our Bonus Section, Mark interviews one of the authors of The Generosity Factor, Ron Sellers of Grey Matter Research & Consulting. Ron gives further background and explanation of their findings about the current state of generosity in the church in America. This interview helps shed light on their findings and provides advice on moving forward.

Our final post, Engaging the Next Generation of Donors, addresses the problem of connecting younger people with biblical stewardship. The post discusses a new study by The Barna Group called The Trust Factor: Connecting & Communicating With Young Donors. One finding of the study was that the younger generation lacks trust in the church. This post shares ideas on how we can fix this problem.

This edition of the Journal perfectly encompasses what we envisioned this resource as being for pastors and church leaders. We are not only pointing out problems but offering practical solutions. Our goal is to help you create a culture of generosity built upon biblical principles of stewardship. We are your go-to resource for all things generosity and stewardship-related!

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