From the Desk of Our Executive Director

From the Desk of Our Executive Director

Welcome to another edition of the Stewardship Journal. In this issue, we focus on the changing world of giving. Mark Brooks’, The Stewardship Coach, column, entitled The Changing World of Giving, focuses on a new Lifeway Research report about how people are currently giving to churches. Mark shares, “One of the greatest changes to church life in the last five years is how people give to their local church. A recent Lifeway Research study found that patterns of giving to local churches have changed dramatically in the last five years. For churches, we must understand how the changing world of giving impacts church life.” Find out about the changing world of giving and what you must do to navigate it.

Our Bonus Section is entitled The Right Tools for Addressing the Changing World of Giving. We try to give you practical advice you and your team can act upon in our Bonus Section. In this post, Mark lists out the main tools you need to get the message of your vision and appeal heard. We recommend printing off the Bonus Section as a discussion starter for how your team can better address the changing world of giving.

And speaking of the changing world of giving, are you familiar with biometrics? If not, you must read our third post, Biometric Benefits for Churches. This post will help you understand what biometrics are and how they can benefit a church. Commerce in America is changing, and we must change to meet the needs of our members. This post will help in your education and planning for the changing world of giving.

Thanks for reading the Stewardship Journal. Remember, if you know of someone that would like to receive the Journal, please send them this link for easy signup Our goal is to provide you with the tools needed to build a culture of generosity at your church based on biblical principles of stewardship.

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