From the Desk of Our Executive Director

From the Desk of Our Executive Director

Welcome to another edition of the Stewardship Journal. Our goal is to help you build a culture of generosity based on biblical stewardship. In this week’s edition we will highlight practical ways in which you can increase giving and generosity at your church. Below are the highlights of this edition with a link to that post.

Mark Brooks,’ The Stewardship Coach, column sets the theme of this week’s Journal with a post entitled The Three Primary Keys For Fully Funding Your Church. Mark discusses how implementing these three keys can help increase giving at your church. His discussion on how Southern Baptist’s rank higher than most denominational giving is an eye opener. One reason Mark gives is the historical emphasis we have placed on discipling members through Sunday School.

Are your offering times getting boring and ineffective? Then our Bonus Section, entitled If You Want to Increase Giving Try a Changeup Pitch, is for you. This post helps you think of creative ways to set up your offering time. The offering time is a great time to teach biblical stewardship. In two minutes or less you can help your members see the value of generosity. By changing up how we set up the offering, we can better capture attendees’ attention and thus see an increase in giving.

Our final post is entitled Two Common Donation Downfalls. This post will not only explain these two common downfalls but also give you practical tips and advice on how to avoid these downfalls. Click this link to find out if you are guilty of these two common downfalls and then find out how to correct those mistakes. All three of our posts this week are designed to help you better disciple your flock to better increase your offerings. Increasing your giving gives you a better chance of being fully funded.

There will be no Stewardship Journal sent out next week as we will celebrate the end of summer with Labor Day. We pray you get some rest and relaxation to prepare for a great fall season of missions and ministry as we continue,

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