From the Desk of Our Executive Director

From the Desk of Our Executive Director

Have you ever thought about the stewardship of your facility? Our lead post, Church Facility Stewardship:  An Interview With Tim Cool, discusses this important topic. Tim Cool is the Chief Stewardship Officer at Smart Church Solutions, a firm that helps churches manage their facilities to be intentional, effective, and efficient with the resources that God has entrusted to them. Our team reached out to Tim for his observations about the need to steward our facilities. It’s an interesting, and we feel important, interview. You will see more from Tim in coming issues of the Journal.

“Build, renovate, or repurpose the facilities you need and pay off any debt quickly.” That is the opening sentence of Mark Brooks,’ The Stewardship Coach, column entitled Planning for the Future. Mark lists six challenges we are facing that necessitate planning for the future of our facilities. He then lists areas where churches need to think through how best to prepare our campuses for ministry in the future. Are your facilities ready for the future? This post will get you ready.

Our Bonus Section, Thoughts on Raising Capital, helps you think through the how of raising the capital needed to bring your facilities up to speed for future ministry needs. This post shares how campaigns in the 21st century must be handled, as well as giving you a rule of thumb on how long it will take to raise the funds you need.

Are your facilities ready for the future? Now is the time to prepare for the future, and this Journal helps you begin your thinking and planning. This is one reason why we started the Journal, to give pastors and church leaders practical help. If you are enjoying the Journal, help us spread the word by telling a pastor friend. We are committed to making this the best stewardship resource in the SBC!

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