From the Desk of Our Executive Director

From the Desk of Our Executive Director

When it comes to raising funds are evangelicals biased? That is the question we probe in this week’s edition of the Stewardship Journal. As I mentioned last week, we are expanding our reach in terms of audience and widening our list of contributors. Our first post comes from Ron Sellers, the president of the research firm called Grey Matter Research. Ron is a long-time friend of MBC’s Rob Phillips. We have featured Ron’s work in previous editions of the Journal. In this week’s post, Ron reports on a new Grey Matter and Infinity Concepts study entitled Race and Gender in Fundraising. The question they ask is, are evangelicals biased? We are grateful that Ron has allowed us to reprint this article, one of what we hope will be many to come.

Mark Brooks uses his Stewardship Coach column to dive deeply into the new study. His post is entitled The Power of a Picture for Raising Funds. “Is a little girl in need more likely to tug at your heartstrings than a little boy? Are you more likely to give to help a child of your own race or ethnicity?” That is a quote Mark takes and expands upon from the Race and Gender in Fundraising study. He lists the key findings from the study and shares what this means for you.

Our Bonus Section is entitled The Value of Donor Segmentation. In this post, Mark Brooks shares the value of segmentation when approaching donors. Knowing what motivates your donors is key to providing them with the pictures and stories that will move their hearts to respond beyond their tithe. Mark states, “It is crucial that you begin to think of the various segments in your church and how best to minister to them and motivate them to generosity!” As always, he then shares practically how this should be accomplished.

Last week I shared with you that we desire the Journal to be a place where your voice can be heard. Several of our MBC pastors have written for us, and we would love to add you to that number. Our team will help you write and then publish your story. Your story in the Stewardship Journal might be exactly what another pastor needs. If you would like to join our team of contributors, contact Rob Phillips at

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