From the Desk of Our Executive Director

From the Desk of Our Executive Director

Welcome to another Stewardship Journal!

Our lead article this week is one you will not only want to read now, but it has information that you’ll want to file away for future use. We have been quoting a lot from the recent Christianity Today article about preaching, 9 in 10 Evangelicals Don’t Think Sermons Are Too Long…… | News & Reporting | Christianity Today. That article was about a study done by Grey Matter Research. Grey Matter Research is providing great insight into the present world we are attempting to reach and the future ahead of us. Ron Sellers is one of Grey Matter Research’s primary authors. We are thrilled to share his inside views of another recent report in our lead post, An Exclusive Interview With Ron Sellers On The Generation Gap.

Now, here is a preview of what you can expect in the rest of the Stewardship Journal.

You are 2 ½ times more likely to see an increase in giving after preaching a series on giving rather than preaching on stewardship once or even twice a year. That is the lead sentence of Mark Brooks’, The Stewardship Coach, post entitled Making a Case for a Stewardship Series, the second in his three-part series.

It is one thing to tell you to do something, it’s another thing to show you how to do it. This week’s Bonus Section, entitled Practical Ideas on Developing a Stewardship Series, will give you good ideas on how you might think through the topics of your next stewardship series.

As always, we provide you with what we call, Mission and Ministry talks. This week’s talk takes advantage of the upcoming March Madness. It’s entitled On the Road To.

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Thanks for reading the Journal. We continually pray that God uses this material to help you further your Great Commission Work!

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