From the Desk of Our Executive Director

From the Desk of Our Executive Director

Welcome to another edition of the Stewardship Journal, and welcome to the last month of the year. Our focus for the next few weeks will be to help you end the calendar year in a strong financial position and prepare you for the New Year. I wanted to share that we will be continuing to publish the Stewardship Journal in 2023. We are thrilled to announce that we have just signed Mark Brooks, The Stewardship Coach, up for another year of writing for the Stewardship Journal! We will continue to provide you with the best and most up-to-date stewardship information in the SBC!

Here is a preview of this week’s Stewardship Journal.

What percentage of your donors are over fifty? Why would that matter? Our lead post, entitled What is Your Over/Under Split? shows dramatically why this is an important metric you need to know about and respond to. The aging donor base of the SBC is a cause of concern for every church and denominational agency. This post will help you begin thinking about your percentages and what you can do to address this issue.

Mark Brooks, The Stewardship Coach, is focused on ending the current year well to ensure financial security in 2023. His post is entitled You’ll Never Be Financially Stable If … His opening sentence reads, “Every week, we talk about the same problems over and over again and again, and yet we never do anything about them.” Does that sound like your staff or committee meetings? If so, then you need to read this post.

In the Bonus Section, Mark shares two End-of-Year Email Samples on how best to communicate your message to members during the year’s closing days. Email sends like this can help you close out the year strong. These samples can be edited for your use or used as a starter for your email appeals.

This week’s Mission and Ministry moment is aptly named Give a Gift That Lasts. As we move fully into the Christmas season, our “offering talks” will focus on this theme. Each talk will help you position giving in a positive and impactful way.

So, thank you for once again turning to the Stewardship Journal for help. Remember, if you know of someone who would like to receive the Journal, please send them this link for easy signup – We exist to help you establish a culture of generosity at your church built upon the biblical principles of stewardship. In doing this, we will be…

Advancing the Gospel!

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