From the Desk of Our Executive Director

From the Desk of Our Executive Director

Are we in a recession or not? Our politicians and the media are hotly debating the answer to that question. Recession or not, every time we go to the gas pump or the grocery store, we feel the impact of this economy. How can you, as a pastor, best address this? That is what we at the Journal want to explore in this issue.

Here is a preview of this week’s Stewardship Journal.

How to Make Budget in Less Than Two Minutes is our lead post. Our team shows you a simple yet effective way to ensure you hit this year’s budget. You will also find links to resources to help you improve stewardship education at your church, thus improving your chance to hit your budget next year.

Mark Brooks, The Stewardship Coach, addresses head-on the recession issue in his post entitled Recession Proofing Your Offerings. I believe you will find his historical look at past recessions enlightening about what we might be experiencing in the coming year.

One thing we love about Mark is how practical he makes everything. You’ll appreciate this week’s Bonus Section, entitled Practical Steps for Recession Proofing Your Offerings. I believe it will give you some great ideas you can easily implement.

Speaking of two minutes or less to make your budget, this week’s Mission and Ministry offering section is entitled Summer Is Almost Over, but We Are Not Done. The “talk” is a great example of what our lead article advocates, making the offering time meaningful and worshipful.

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Recession or not, our work must continue! Our desire, as always, is for this tool to help enhance your stewardship so that we can all be about,

Advancing the Gospel!

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